I am an iOS developer at MartianCraft. In my spare time I do some writing and editing for

I was technical editor of Core Data By Tutorials (affiliate link) which you can also buy as part of the Swift By Tutorials Bundle (another affiliate link). I was also the tech editor of iOS Animations By Tutorials (er, yet another affiliate link).

I like to answer questions on Stack Overflow:

profile for jrturton at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

You can see some of my code on GitHub.

If you’re interested in employing me, take a look at my Stack Overflow Careers profile, though I am currently very happy, so make it interesting.

I like to talk rubbish on Twitter:

This blog

This blog is hosted on GitHub pages. Feel free to submit corrections as pull requests to the source repo.

I used to use Octopress, which suited me very well for a while, until I decided that I wanted the following:

  • The ability to post and edit from anywhere
  • To understand how every component of the site works

I’m still not entirely there, but I was using only a tiny fraction of the power of Octopress, which was essentially a black box to me. Jekyll on its own is a much smaller black box that I am more comfortable with, I know what every file in the source repo is for, and I can write and publish for the site using Editorial and Working Copy when I am away from my Mac.